Crown of Change

A jeweled crown that controls the obelisks.


To activate the Crown of Change, the user must be within 100’ of an Obelisk of Change. The user makes a caster level check (d20+caster level) to affect a single change to the energy harnessed by the Obelisk of Change. Known abilities are:

  • Activate / Deactivate an Obelisk of Change
  • Create / Destroy a Transformation Portal
  • Activate a Transformation Portal to alter a subject

Failing the caster level check to activate the crown has been known to cause mental fatigue (1d4 Intelligence damage and 1d4 Wisdom damage) as the chaotic energies that fuel the crown warp the user’s mind.


This strange jeweled headpiece is made of an unknown blue-grey metal. It’s creation dates back to the First Empire; when the Obelisks of Change were created. The center jewel acts as a focus to harness the energy output of the Obelisks of Change and bend it to the user’s will.

Before it came into the possession of the adventuring party, the Mathen family used this artifact to create a magic circle that was capable of transmuting humanoid subjects into aberrations. Once the adventurers learned the purpose of the crown, they used it to restore those affected by the Mathens’ experiments before destroying the portal.

Crown of Change

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