Stonekin Defender

weapon (melee)

Legacy Penalties: -1 to attack, -2 to a single saving throw, -6 hit points
Legacy Abilities: +2 Berserker Goliath Greathammer

Abilities by Level:
5: -
6: Intelligent Legacy (Int 16, Wis 16, Cha 10, Ego 11)
7: -
8: Berserker (+1 equivalent ability, +1d8 damage when raging)
9: -
10: +2 enhancement


Long ago the Goliath people found themselves under attack from an enemy they could not harm. The greatest shamans of every tribe were gathered and agreed that in order to defeat this great evil, they would require a sacrifice. The wisest and most powerful shaman, Tahoke, volunteered for this great honor. The makers fashioned a hammer the likes of which has not been seen again. A ritual was performed, and Tahoke’s spirit was imprisoned in the hammer. Such was the power of his spirit that when the hammer is wielded the scent of his favorite incense can be found. With the added power of the Stonekin Defender, the great evil was defeated and the Goliath people were greeted with a peace that lasted 1,000 years.

Stonekin Defender

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