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    Our Gnomes are working hard to build this right now. [[Obelisk Locations]]

  • Irilta

    The villagers in Shard cannot, or will not, tell how long Irilta has been living in the village. They will only say that she has been there "a long time." It is said that Irilta can heal any injury, and even bring back the recently dead, with the use of …

  • Granville

    Granville is a High Priest of Pelor and the head of the Peloric temple in Kethinicia. Years of chewing tangora root have left him toothless and stained his mouth blood red.

  • Tabitha Mathen

    Tabitha Mathen was killed by the adventuring party after a failed attempt to kidnap Irilta, the healer from the town of Shard. She is a known arcane spellcaster; and possessed other more supernatural abilities as well as a result of her pact with long- …

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